Market Intelligence

We follow attentively relevant developments and market trends. Through media coverage, various other information and our intense industry network we are nit only getting information early and accurate, but are also an opinion leader, setting trends.

The approach combines the examination of the raw materials dynamics and industry supply, end-use application and demand, and business implications of emerging technologies.

Opportunity Assessment

Commercial due diligence support, Benchmarking

SteinbildConsulting’s commercial due diligence (CDD) provide transparency on decisive aspects for strategic decisions. We are in the position to assess information, provided and draw essential conclusions out of it.

Production and Extraction technology comparison • Leverage new technologies for a competitive advantage

All resources are different regarding ore or brine composition and various technologies are applicable. We know the advantages and disadvantages of technologies and can suggest the most cost effective or sustainable solution. t

Lithium ion battery technology road mapping

New technologies can disrupt the competitive landscape. We review new developments and trends and integrate the results in our advice.